A close-up image of the Luke Limner signature on the cover of the Christmas Number of “English Society,” 1870 . . .

I’ve talked about Luke Limner a little in other posts on this blog.  As Mike Goodall mentions in his year-2000 book on the Goodall family, Limner (John Leighton) designed various items for Goodall, including, for instance, an early cover for The Royal Game of Bezique.  An “L” (for Leighton) appears toward the bottom of the design.

In my Christmas post, I showed an image of the front cover of English Society, Christmas Number, 1870.  I mentioned in that post that the cover was designed by Luke Limner, but the “signature” is not easy to discern in the earlier post.  Below is a larger version.  The name can be seen immediately above the “One Shilling.”

Sawyer EngSocCropped c2 12 27 12

As I have mentioned before, an interesting point about that issue of English Society is that it also contains a Christmas short story by Angelo Lewis (Professor Hoffmann).

I do not know the meaning of the “DEL” after the name Luke Limner.

The background of English Society is a fascinating story, in which James Hogg, having left the editorship of London Society, carried out his plan of publishing a competing periodical.  The story is a little outside the usual scope of this blog, but sometime I may tell the story anyway.  After all, it was a periodical that both Leighton and Lewis both had something to do with.  (The same applies to London Society.)

–Tom Sawyer

December 29, 2012

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