Comments on John Hogg, publisher of the Royal Masonic Playing Cards deck . . .

Yesterday, I received an email from Mike Goodall, mentioning Luke Limner — and also alluding to the fact that Limner designed the Royal Masonic Playing Cards deck published by John Hogg.  The deck was printed by Goodall.

As mentioned before, Limner designed for Goodall (among other things) an early cover for Camden’s The Royal Game of Bezique, as published by Goodall.

I am reasonably certain that this John Hogg was the brother of James Hogg (the editor of London Society).  This advertisement for John Hogg supports that.  (It may be noted that the advertisement shows John Hogg as the publisher of certain masonic works, as well as mentioning James Hogg [probably the editor of London Society, who in any event contributed to the work] as assisting in the preparation of a work on De Quincey.)

—Tom Sawyer

December 29, 2012

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