Luke Limner, John Hogg, James Hogg, and Angelo J. Lewis: It’s a small world . . .

I have always been fascinated by the fact that there are often connections between seemingly disparate topics.

For me, two such disparate topics would be:

1.  London Society, a magazine edited by James Hogg (and others), and

2.  Card-game booklets published by Goodall.

Yet, there are multiple connections between those two topics.  I will list a few, and I would not be surprised if there are others.

1.  Luke Limner designed covers for certain card-game booklets that were published by Goodall.  He also designed the principal cover used by London Society (separate issues).

2.  Angelo J. Lewis (Professor Hofmann) wrote many card-game booklets that were published by Goodall.  He also wrote many short stories and articles for London Society.

3.  James Hogg was the editor of London Society.  His brother John was the publisher of a pack of cards printed by Goodall.

Now, you might say that item “2” is a bit phony, because the reason I became interested in (a) card-game booklets and (b) London Society was that Angelo Lewis was involved with both.  Fair enough, I suppose.

But then again, James Hogg was also “Portland,” and he put together The Whist-Table, 1894.  Cavendish contributed to that work.  Cavendish wrote no Goodall booklets, but he did write many De La Rue booklets, and at a later date De La Rule published various Goodall items.  Yes, it is a bit attenuated, but it is a connection between London Society and Goodall card-game booklets that is not necessarily dependent on Limner or Lewis.

We know that James Hogg was “Portland” from The Whist Reference Book, by William Mill Butler, 1899 — although I do not know upon what authority Butler states that.

—Tom Sawyer

December 29, 2012

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