Returning to “The Royal Game of Bezique” — Part II: Brief comments on variations in content . . .

As I have mentioned before, I have quite a few copies of The Royal Game of Bezique, published by Goodall.  A quick count seems to show that I now have at least twenty-three copies.

In the preceding post, I tried to enumerate briefly the principle cover-variations that I have examples of.

But the interiors are probably even more confusing, and perhaps in certain instances a bit anomalous.

For instance, I have two copies showing “Twenty-Fifth Edition,” but with completely different covers.

Another example:  I have two copies showing “Tenth Edition,” one of which is printed in black, and the other of which is printed in red and black.  One seems to lack the cover, but for all I know it may have been issued without a cover!

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, December 29, 2012

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