Returning to “The Royal Game of Bezique” — Part III: Comments on the “Second Edition” . . .

The earliest copy I have of The Royal Game of Bezique is the “Second Edition.”  Below is an image of the cover.  This is a “repeat” of an image in an earlier post on this blog:

bezique adj 11 28 12

I have three copies of that edition, and I suppose that the three are identical, though I did not take out the above copy now to compare it with my other two.  My other two are both in what I would consider “poor” condition, while the one portrayed above is quite a nice copy.

The booklet is somewhat larger in format than the usual Goodall booklet.

I do not consider the “Second Edition” to be truly a scarce pamphlet, although one does not see one for sale every day.  But since I have three, and since I have seen I think one or two others for sale, and I think I know of copies in other collections, I don’t really consider it rare, or even scarce.

The following description is correct for both of my poorish copies.

The back cover and the inside covers are blank.

The title page has the same wording as the front cover, though the title-page wording represents a different setting of type.

The verso of the title page is blank.

The text starts on the following page, which is unnumbered, and could be called page [3].

The text continues on pages 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, which are numbered.  Page 8 is the last page.

There are no advertisements.

I’ll probably scan the entire text and post it in a future post, in part because there are various features to the text which would be difficult to describe in detail.  I think I can cover the entire booklet with six scans.

No author’s name is shown, but working backwards from versions attributed to Camden, I think one can attribute the second edition to Camden as well.

The text is definitely not identical to that of any other edition I know of, but I think one might say there is a familial resemblance.

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, December 29, 2012

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