Thinking some things over, regarding Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis) . . .

I was about to post something about Angelo J. Lewis’s son, who was named Leonard Avery Lewis.

After all, in a way, I believe that anything related to Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis) is connected with card-game booklets, even though a lot of such information is of course only remotely related.  But one of the benefits of learning about Hoffmann — especially when it concerns “personal” topics such as his family — is that it shows that Hoffmann was not just a name on a title page, but a real person, with a family, and with the many concerns that go with having a family.

I have seen in a couple of places on the internet that Hoffmann’s son was born in 1866 and died in 1906 — what this is based upon, I do not know, exactly, but I believe that is the case, at least approximately.  This would mean that Leonard died when he was only 39 or 40 years of age!  And that must have been a major blow to Hoffmann, Hoffmann’s wife, and Hoffmann’s daughter, as well as to Leonard’s wife, and potentially many others.

Note:  After writing the foregoing, and before posting this, I learned that Leonard’s wife passed away in 1909!  The source of this information is linked-to here.  It is from the Wanganui Chronicle, May 18, 1909, on the PapersPast website of the National Library of New Zealand — one of the greatest websites relating to old newspapers.

Anyway, I have been thinking that such information is a little removed from the main topic of this blog.  But I think that if I begin a new blog, one dealing particularly with Professor Hoffmann, some such information could be included appropriately in that blog.

I think I will very likely begin such a blog.  If and when I do, I will mention it in this blog.

I already have many posts that are available for my use on such a blog.  In an earlier post, back in September 2011, I discussed an intention, which I followed through on, to make “private” about fifty posts in this card-game blog.  About thirty of those posts had to do with Hoffmann, but they were not very relevant to this present blog.

I also have several posts on Professor Hoffmann on one or two other semi-defunct blogs of mine, and I would probably move those over as well.

Just a few thoughts!

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, December 29, 2012

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