The home stretch for my 18 posts in four days . . .

I only have to make a handful of further posts before January 1 in order to beat my previous high of thirty-seven posts in a month.  At the moment, it looks as though I will exceed the projected number.

It was not really all that difficult, actually.  But the posts do not “write themselves,” and it has taken time.  And a lot of the time taken is not really evident from the posts.

For instance, I probably spent hours researching Luke Limner (John Leighton), but almost none of that research was reflected in the posts on Luke Limner.

Also, I pretty much wrote at least two posts that I decided not to use, at least for the time being.  One had to do with Pictures of Society Grave and Gay, which John Leighton designed a cover for.  Another had to do with reasons collectors might become attached to certain collector’s items.

But writing posts, or partial posts, and then deferring the posting of them, is for me part of the process of producing a blog.

—Tom Sawyer

Sunday, December 30, 2012

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