I hope to wrap-up the year with three or four dynamite posts — including one on “The Game of Ace Major” (thanks to Mike Goodall) and one on “The Game of Napoleon” (thanks to Edward Copisarow) . . .

I’m not sure whether I will be able to do the following before the day ends, but I hope so.

First, I hope to post information on The Game of Ace Major, by Camden.  I don’t know of any copy, anywhere — except for the copy which Mike Goodall knows of.  However, as of this time, Mike has had to be content with photocopies of the booklet (which he has shared with me).  So — one known copy would seem to make it a card-game booklet rarity.  Jessel does not mention it in his bibliography.  It seems that the Bodleian Library does not have a copy, which is not surprising, since it seems that almost all of the interesting card-game booklets at the Bodleian Library are there only because of Frederic Jessel’s collection.

If anyone out there knows of another copy, please let me know.  Or let Mike Goodall know.  Also, I am sure that Mike would be interested in having an opportunity to add that title to his collection.

And if there are any eBay dealers out there researching the Ace-Major booklet prior to listing one on eBay, here is some advice.  Don’t list it as a Buy It Now item.  Start the bidding at a decent, but not absurd, amount, like $50.  And whatever you do, make certain you use the phrase “Ace Major” in the heading.  Also mention “Goodall” in the heading.  

Next, I hope to post some details on another Goodall rarity:  The Game of Napoleon, by Rawdon Crawley, 1878.  That is another one I have little hope of ever obtaining, although it does not appear to be quite as difficult as The Game of Ace Major.  Edward Copisarow kindly provided me with images.

Next, I hope to post a brief discussion of the basic cover-design that was used both on The Game of Ace Major and The Game of Napoleon.

—Tom Sawyer

December 31, 2012

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