Returning to “The Royal Game of Bezique,” by Camden — Part IX: Ever notice any ads for two versions of the booklet — with gilt edges and without?

Ever ponder this?  It’s from the inside back-cover, and last page, of the sixth edition of The Royal Game of Bezique, by Camden.  It was almost certainly published in 1869 or 1870.  (The tenth edition was dated 1870 in Roman numerals.)

RGB ads 2012 whole

Oh?  You say I should be more specific?  How about this:

RGB ads 2012 cropped

I’m talking about the advertisement for “Bezique Rules.”

So I gather that starting at some (unknown) time, two different versions were available, one with gilt edges, at 6d, and one without, at 3d.  How long this concept lasted, I do not know.

Now I am quite aware that many of Goodall’s booklets have gilt edges, and that many do not.  But I do not recall seeing any advertisements that showed different prices for “with” and “without.”

I do have two copies of the tenth edition, one with gilt edges and one without.  I’ll probably discuss that in a future post.

—Tom Sawyer

December 31, 2012

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