Comments on four ways that the “Price Sixpence” area of the main design was handled: Way 1, showing “Price Sixpence” . . .

In many — perhaps most — of the Goodall card-game booklets of a certain style, there was an area in which it was stated, “Price Sixpence.”  Below is shown a typical example of that style:

Auc Brid 1 3 13 a

I suppose you could call this the “Price Sixpence” version of that style.  That version was used at least as far back as 1878, as seen by the post on The Game of Napoleon.  I would guess that it was used until 1917 or 1918 area.

By the way, that basic style of cover design was used into the 1920s (with and without price information), and it was first used by Goodall no later than 1874.  (See an earlier post, on The Game of Ace Major.)

But Goodall used many other binding styles as well, during the period that they used the above style.  And many of them had their own place for the statement of “Price Sixpence.”  This discussion of the “Price Sixpence” area applies only to the above-pictured basic style.

—Tom Sawyer

January 3, 2013

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