Comments on four ways that the “Price Sixpence” area of the main design was handled: Way 3, with overprinted price . . .

Another way the “Price Sixpence” area was handled was by having the price area overprinted with two black bars, one over the word “Price,” and one over the word “Sixpence.”  The following shows an example:

bezique 1 3 13 aaa overprinted

A logical speculation might be that the “Price Sixpence” text was overprinted after the price was no longer sixpence.  The title page shows “2-17” at the foot.  However, the time of the overprinting is not at all clear.  Another possibility is that the book was intended for inclusion in a game box, but I doubt that.

The above copy is the only overprinted Goodall booklet I have ever seen.

—Tom Sawyer

Thursday, January 3, 2012

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