“Cover-design decay” with regard to Goodall’s card-game booklets: The sad transition to De La Rue covers . . .

Below is an example of what I was talking about in the preceding post, regarding the changes in booklet covers that took place, over time, after Goodall became a part of De La Rue, in or around 1922.  The booklet shown in the top image shows “2/23” on the last page, so it apparently was printed in or about February 1923 — close to, and probably a little after, Goodall became part of De La Rue.

RB and B H C 1 3 13_0001

The next image, below, is of a copy dated 1927.  That the design is inferior to the Goodall design there can be little doubt.  It is, though, more modern.  It also has gilt edges, which the copy above does not.  The copy above also has another problem which may not be immediately evident, and which I hope to discuss in a future post.

RB and B H C 1 3 13

I believe that a couple of other publishers may have published their own versions of Selected Patience Games, and of the combined version of Rubicon Bezique and Bezique, though I have not made a real study of those, in part because they are later than the supposed dates covered by this blog.

With the possible exception of the booklets of the “other publishers,” the De La Rule covers represented the ultimate in simplification and homogenization of card game rule booklets.  In a way, it is fitting, because De La Rue never even left the starting-line for creativity in card-game booklet design.  They started out with boring designs, with the same design being used on all (or essentially all) of their booklets, then sputtered on with a few other plain and unattractive designs, and then came full circle with a cover design which did no credit to anyone, as shown above.

Yes, those are impressions, because I have not concentrated much on De La Rue booklets.  But if you look at this post, though, you will see how ineffective De La Rue’s cover-design policy was over a period of decades.

—Tom Sawyer

January 3, 2013

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