It strikes me that the two booklet-covers shown in this post may indicate some kind of “companion volumes” . . .

The two covers shown below are so similar that the booklets may be companion volumes.  Perhaps the two could have been included appropriately in one boxed set.

On the other hand, the same basic design was also used for 1900 and 1901 printings of Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann, and perhaps on other booklets.

Rubi fourth

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Also, a very early copy of Captain Crawley’s Whist for All Players (in Mike Goodall’s collection) and a copy of the probable first edition of Lieut. Bougher’s Euchre: Its Method and Maxims (in David Levy’s collection) have covers that are similar, one to the other (though they are nothing like the covers shown above).

—Tom Sawyer

Friday, January 4, 2013

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