The combined version of Professor Hoffmann’s “Rubicon Bezique” and Camden’s “Bezique” is quite common . . .

In an earlier post, I showed images of a Goodall version and a De La Rue (and Goodall) version of the booklet that includes the text of Professor Hoffmann’s Rubicon Bezique and Camden’s Bezique.  I have a suspicion that, if one is not concerned about specific printings, that work may well be the commonest of all of the card-game booklets.

I just took a look at eBay, and there are at least five copies currently listed.  Among the completed auctions, it appears that there are about seven (after my attempt to exclude the ones that were unsold and may have been re-listed).  That’s about a dozen copies in a few months.  I think only two or so were Goodall booklets.  The rest were published after Goodall became part of De La Rue in or around 1922.

I think I have at least six assorted copies — probably more.  Three show only the Goodall name, one shows Del La Rue only, and two show both names.

—Tom Sawyer

Friday, January 4, 2012

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