Comments on an interesting auction from back in October 2011, regarding Camden’s “The Royal Game of Bezique” . . .

In reviewing some past eBay auctions, I ran across some auctions that I missed.  I believe that I missed them typically because they were items that were listed only on eBay UK.  I had thought that if I selected “Worldwide” on eBay US, it automatically included all eBay UK items in my searches.  However, I believe that where a seller does not indicate that they ship to the US, the listing is not included in eBay US searches.

I am not positive of any of the foregoing, but it seems to be validated by certain searches I have conduced.

When I say I “missed” an auction, it means I did not see something that I would have liked to think about bidding on — not necessarily that I would have bid on it. Among the things I missed were an auction that included an early Rubicon Bezique, by Professor Hoffmann, which I might not have bid on.  I also missed a copy of Professor Hoffmann’s Auction Bridge.  I do have copies of that already, but I probably would have bid on that.

Anyway, another item I think I missed (not certain why) was in an auction for a Goodall Bezique set.  The booklet was a Twenty-First Edition, with a normal light-green cover of the normal John Leighton design.  But the strange thing is that once the front cover is opened, one is confronted with another front-cover — the same normal Leighton cover, but in black and white.  That seems unusual — I’ve never heard of it elsewhere..

Another thing of note is as follows.  I have a copy of a Twenty-First Edition in my collection.  I compared it to the image of the interior “title page” on the eBay copy.  It was immediately apparent that the eBay copy has wider margins (or else the printing was reduced — unlikely).

Below is an image of my Twenty-First Edition.

RGOB 25th 1 5 13a

The only margin that is about the same as the eBay copy is the left-hand margin.  All three of the other margins are narrower on my copy.

By the way, in the eBay listing, not too much detail is evident in the green cover.  I cannot even confirm that it says “Twenty-First Edition,” but it seems to say that.  But one can tell that it is a different setting of type than on the interior “Twenty-First Edition,” because it takes up less space horizontally on the green cover.

—Tom Sawyer

January 5, 2013

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