Starting to get sick of Camden’s “The Royal Game of Bezique”? Not me!

At the moment, this blog consists of 205 posts.  About twenty-three of those posts deal significantly with The Royal Game of Bezique, by Camden.  I was surprised at that.  I thought it would be more like forty — perhaps more.

I’ve kind of mentioned some of the following things before, but maybe I said them differently.

The Royal Game of Bezique is something like a glue that holds together the long stream of Goodall’s card-game booklets.  If one includes the combination printings that included Professor Hoffmann’s Rubicon Bezique and Camden’s Bezique, then it is possible that the booklet was produced over a longer period than any other card-game booklet.  I am not very familiar with what went on after maybe the late 1920s, so I cannot really say.

If you think Selected Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann, is the longest-running title, well, I doubt that, in part because Selected Patience Games first appeared more than thirty years after The Royal Game of Bezique.

Also, for a moment, let’s assume that Chas. Goodall and Son ceased to exist as a separate entity in 1922.  In that case, The Royal Game of Bezique lasted for the entire time from 1868 until Goodall (“as we know it”) ceased to exist.  (Yes, I know it actually did continue to exist, but once you are owned by somebody else, well, something is different.)  No other Goodall card-game booklet did that.

—Tom Sawyer

January 5, 2012

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