An image of the front and back covers of a “Sixth Edition” of Camden’s “The Royal Game of Bezique,” circa 1869 or 1870, showing “Patronized by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh” on the front cover and “Goodall, Typ” on the back cover . . .

Below is an image of the covers of a “Sixth Edition” of Camden’s The Royal Game of Bezique, published by Goodall.  there are at least two features of note.  First, the front cover contains the wording, “Patronized by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.”

This Duke of Edinburgh was Alfred (1844-1900), one of Queen Victoria’s offspring.  The “Duke of Edinburgh” title was re-created for Alfred in 1866.  Edinburgh refers to the city in Scotland.  The information in this paragraph is from Wikipedia articles on Albert and on the title.

I have seen one or two references to the Duke of Edinburgh as having been a Bezique player, but nothing detailed or interesting enough to merit mention at the moment.  As far as his connection with Goodall goes, I can’t remember ever seeing any details on that, apart from things that have been mentioned directly or indirectly on this blog.

The second item of note at the moment is the “GOODALL, TYP” seen on the back cover.

RGOB sixth 1 7 13a

What’s that?  You say the “GOODALL, TYP” is too small?  Below it is shown bigger.

RGOB sixth 1 7 13ab

You can see clearly the “L” for “Leighton” near the center of the image.

—Tom Sawyer

January 7, 2013

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