A couple of follow-up comments on my preceding post . . .

Note:  Here are a few follow-up comments about the topic of “taking a vacation from eBay.”

In general, it is easier to take such a vacation if you already have an extensive collection.

If there are, say, 100 items that comprise a complete collection of something, you might find 35 of the items during year one of collecting.  The next year you might locate another 35 — but wait, you find that you already have 12 of them  So, at the end of year two, you have 58 different items, and you need 42.  Then next year, you add (say) 20, so you have 78 of the 100.  But now things sem to slow down radically.  In year four, you add 4 items, and you have 82.  In year five, you have some luck and another collector sells his collection, and you pick up 6 rarities, and you have 88 items.  The remaining items, 12 in number, you have never seen for sale during your first five years of collecting.


In year six you add one item.

In year seven, zero items.

Well, at this point, if you take a vacation from collecting, for say a year, you probably will not miss much!  Yes, someone else who has been collecting for twenty years might sell all of his (or her) items, and you might thereby miss out on some things.  But that event probably is not going to happen during a given year.

Now, the foregoing is all hypothetical.  And exactly what one collects is often going to vary.  So, if the foregoing referred to card-game booklets, well, some people might want every example of every title, and they will almost certainly miss out on some things if they drop out for a year.

There are many other possible variations.  For instance, you might be interested in collecting duplicates, for some reason.  Again, this makes it harder to take a vacation without missing much.

So, the above is a simplified discussion.

—Tom Sawyer

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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