A few more statistics — a list of the more popular posts . . .

The following statistics deal with the past year — for posts which had 15 or more “views.”  Again, they do not say too much, because I believe that nowhere near all of the views of the posts mentioned below are reflected below.  More than 1,300 views were not ascribed to any particular post.  Also, I believe that “one view” can often represent views of multiple posts.  For instance, if you go to the home page and read the first two posts, that might count as one view.

Obviously, older posts have had a longer period for chalking-up “views,” but I doubt that it makes much difference for the list below, because newer posts basically don’t appear at all in this list.  Putting it more sensibly:  the list below shows the ranking of older posts, and for old posts, the list is probably sort of a good indication of relative popularity of posts.  But I think there may be one or two (or more) factors which make the list biased.  For instance, if people reach posts mainly from the list to the right (in the margin), well, old posts are not on that list — at least, not now, because I have been posting frequently lately.

More on “The Royal Game of Bezique,” by Camden, published by Goodall 78

Comments on “The Royal Game of Bezique,” circa 1869 — my earliest Goodall card-game rule-booklet — and comments on a cool and instructive Bezique set 57

Comments on card-game rule-booklets and pseudonyms, and on materials used by Goodall in the manufacture of card-game sets, and on “Kuhn Khan,” by Nemo, 1912 51

Comments on playing-cards sets in general, and on a Goodall Bridge set, circa 1911, in particular 47

A Goodall bypath: Cavendish in 32mo — details quoted directly from Jessel, with some illustrations 44

Auction ended on eBay for “Patience Games,” 1900, by Professor Hoffmann . . . 44

Comments on S.W. Erdnase, and on “Genii,” September 2011: Part 1, David Alexander 41

What some of the 1860s playing cards looked like, and a little on Professor Hoffmann 41

A few comments on other companies 37

Interesting Khanhoo set on eBay . . . auction ends on January 21, 2012 35

Charles Goodall & Son, and card-game rule-booklets as a genre 33

Comments on Professor Hoffmann’s “Progressive Whist, Hearts, & Euchre,” [1902], and on later editions 32

Comments on one of Professor Hoffmann’s first three rule-booklets, “Ecarte,” 1895 28

Comments on “Rubicon Bezique,” by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919), Seventh Edition, circa 1909 26

Comments on an old letter from J.B. Findlay . . . 22

Comments on an inscribed copy of Professor Hoffmann’s “Patience Games,” 1900, and on other books inscribed by Professor Hoffmann 22

Semi-random notes and observations on George Frederick Pardon (Captain Crawley) . . . 21

Comments on a “Goodall’s Poker Patience” set . . . 21

Comments on the S.W. Erdnase authorship controversy, and a portrait of R.F. Foster 21

Did I hear you say you wanted to hear about the first edition of “Patience Games,” by Professor Hoffmann, 1900? I thought so! 20

A portrait of Ernest Bergholt . . . 20

Comments on “A Compendium of Dominoes,” 1918, by Ernest Bergholt (1856-1925) 19

Goodall’s Draw-Bridge on eBay . . . 19

Comments on “Auction Bridge,” 1912, by Professor Hoffmann 18

Comments on “Draw-Bridge,” [1905] 18

Further comments on Professor Hoffmann’s “Progressive Whist, Hearts, & Euchre,” [1902], and related works 18

The answer to this question: “How many card-game rule-booklets did Professor Hoffmann write for Charles Goodall & Son?” 18

“The Game of Check” — it was on eBay — the auction is now over . . . 17

A listing of first editions of Professor Hoffmann’s rule-booklets, according to Frederic Jessel and the Bodleian Library 17

Goodall card-game booklets on eBay . . . 17

A brief overview of Professor Hoffmann’s writings on card games (apart from his card-game rule-booklets) 17

Comments on the 1902 edition of “Patience Games,” by Professor Hoffmann 17

Comments on an 1895 edition of Professor Hoffmann’s “Bridge Whist” 17

Professor Hoffmann and “Bridge Whist” 15

Test your card-game rule-booklet acumen: A little quiz! 15

—Tom Sawyer

January 9, 2013

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