Announcing a new blog — one dealing with Professor Hoffmann!


My Hoffmann blog is back, but I am going to defer further work on it.

Here is a link.

—T.A.S., 1-30-13

UPDATE:  During the past ten days, the blog has had less than one visitor per day, on average, so for the time being I have made it private, and I am going to defer further work on it.  I’ll probably bring it back in a few months.

You may remember that in a recent post I stated that I was planning to start a new blog — one that would deal with Professor Hoffmann.

I have begun such a blog!  All of you will probably want to visit the blog at least once, to see what it is like.  Some of you might wish to visit it more than once, at least if you have a particular interest in Professor Hoffmann.

(Link deleted.)  See link at top of post.

I am still in the process of moving some old posts (principally from my old London Society blog, which has long been inaccessible) over to the new blog.  That being the case, I have not posted much new material, but I have tried to revise the posts, where necessary, before reposting them.  Also, I imagine that the posts, in general, have been seen by almost nobody.

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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