Comments on one of the scarcer card-game pamphlets by Professor Hoffmann: “Patience Games Series 2,” 1901 . . .

I quickly checked, and it seems that I have not heretofore devoted a post to Professor Hoffmann’s Patience Games Series 2, 1901 — although I think I have talked about it a little bit a few times.  I have called it by the title shown, because that is the title as shown on the front cover.  The title page is a bit more of a problem, because although it shows “Second Series,” that information is pretty far down on the title page, and would in my view not usually be considered a part of the title.

Patience Games Series 2 is one of Hoffmann’s longest card-game booklets, at 61 pages, although the total number of pages includes the title page and other front matter.  There are three pages of advertisements following page 61.  Interestingly, Poker, by A. Lougher, is listed — but with that form of author’s name, the play on words discussed in an earlier post is lost.

Patience 1 12 13a

Patience 2 1 12 13a

Patience 2 1 12 13_0001a

In my opinion, Patience Games Series 2 is one of the scarcer of Hofmann’s card-game booklets.  I suspect that it only had the one edition, although, as discussed elsewhere in this blog, the original booklet (“Series 1,” in an advertisement in the Series 2 booklet) had at least two printings, 1900 and 1902.  I believe I have seen at least one, and perhaps two, other copies of Patience Games Series 2 offered for sale.

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, January 12, 2013

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