A follow-up to the preceding post . . .

I have mentioned in this blog that many years ago, J.B. Findlay — one of the great magic-book collectors — sent me a copy of Bridge, by Professor Hoffmann.  It was a beautiful copy, dark purple, of a fairly early edition.

The experience I mentioned in the preceding post echoed the experience of my receiving that booklet from Findlay.

The envelope in which the booklet arrived had a long tear along one of the “seams” — and i am pretty certain that it was the bottom “seam.”

Now, it is true that the booklet was accompanied by a letter.  And it is possible that the booklet was enclosed within the folded letter.  Even if that were the case, it is interesting to me that everything arrived.

However — I am fairly certain that in was not within the folds of the letter.  Instead, I think it was loose within the envelope.  I remember thinking how strange it was that the booklet had not fallen out through the huge gash in the envelope.

This was probably around 1970 or so.

—Tom Sawyer

Sunday, January 13, 2013

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