Comments on another Luke Limner cover — a cover for the Christmas Number, 1884, of “London Society,” which contained a short story by Angelo J. Lewis . . .

John Leighton (Luke Limner) was an extremely prolific designer.  I know that.

I don’t want anyone to think, “Huh?  Tom thinks he is making huge discoveries regarding Luke Limner.”

No, I don’t.  (I imagine that a lot of his work remains to be discovered, or rediscovered, but that is beside the point.)

But I did want to invite attention to the cover pictured here:

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The cover bears the printed signature, Luke Limner del (rather unclearly on Google Books — and, in the reduced version here, illegibly).  The signature is toward the bottom left, above the image of the bird.  (I still am not sure what the “del” means.)

Some of the “white” areas toward the bottom “should” have a continuation of the image, which I guess was not picked up in the original scanning process.  (I’m sure the original used color, by the way, probably red and green, at least.)

The interesting thing about the particular cover shown above is that the 1884 Christmas Number of London Society has a story by Angelo J. Lewis — so that is another connection between Luke Limner and Professor Hoffmann.

The story is entitled “The Misadventures of an Amateur Conjurer.”  It bears the name Angelo J. Lewis at the end.

The image above is from Google Books, and it is based on a bound volume of London Society at the Bodleian Library.  This link should go to one of the pages in the story.  The cover, though, is (of course) toward the beginning of the issue that has the story.

—Tom Sawyer

Monday, January 14, 2013

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