Backtracking regarding square corners and rounded corners . . .

My theory on square corners and rounded corners, as expressed in the preceding post, was an interesting intellectual exercise, but I am afraid that it doesn’t hold much water.

At the time I wrote the post, I knew I had at least one thing I could check that would possibly shed light on the issue.  I determined to state my theory, then check my resource, and then present a few findings.

The resource was an image that Mario Carrandi sent me a few years ago.  Mario is well-known in the magic field as a collector and as a dealer in magic collectibles.  Anyway, he had sent me several photographs of his Professor Hoffmann collection.

One of the photos portrayed six booklets in the outer covers.

Of the six, the corners of interest are at least partly visible (one or two of the “right-hand” corners) on four of them.  And on all four, it appears that the corners are square.  The booklets are on Bridge, Patience Games, Piquet, and Rubicon Bezique.

Now, my theory as stated in the earlier post may still have a little bit of validity — but plainly things are not as simple as I thought they might be.

—Tom Sawyer

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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