Comments on “outer-cover” materials in Goodall’s card-game booklets — in this post I will be a bit critical — in my next post, not so much . . .

I don’t own very many Goodall pamphlets with the fairly plain “outer” covers (on top of the usual covers).  I may have a half-dozen or so.  In an earlier post, I showed a copy of Kuhn Kahn, by Nemo, with such an outer cover.  While not exactly plain, the cover of Bergholt booklet shown in another post is definitely related.

At first I am going to mention a few things about such booklets which may be a bit critical of them as collector’s items.  Your opinions could easily differ.

Oh, but wait.  Before I become critical . . . when such booklets are married to the correct card-game set, well, no problem.  That is a whole different situation.

In my next post, I will be more positive.  But now . . .

First, the covers always appear to be simply plastered onto the outside of a regular card-game booklet-cover.  It is not as though the covers are distinctly different from point-A to point-Z.

Secondly, the original covers, which are covered up by the other cover-material, would probably be more interesting to look at (in most cases).

Thirdly, when not accompanied by a card-game set, the outer cover as much as says, “I somehow got separated from a set.”  (In many cases, probably, booklets with the “original” covers also have become separated from sets — but usually they do not advertise the fact!)

Fourth, the covers usually (or frequently) are palpably imitation leather — or at least, so they seem to me. Typically they have a shiny and patterned surface that seems completely unnatural.

Lastly, the titles are typically printed  parallel to the spine.  The is probably so that the booklet may be placed into a “pouch” in a game set, and still have the title visible.  But usually it looks “wrong.”

Below are images of a typical “booklet with outer cover.”  Unfortunately, the scan of the front cover does not reveal all of the important features.  First, the cover is actually more of a maroon color.  Secondly, the actual cover has a distinct texture.  One might say that it has striations.  Also, while the top and bottom edges may appear to have stitching, the actual booklet does not.

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In my next post, I am going to return to the topic, from a somewhat different perspective.

—Tom Sawyer

January 17, 2013

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