Further comments on “outer-cover” materials in Goodall’s card-game booklets — a bit of positivity . . .

In my preceding post, I discussed the “downside” of card-game booklets that have “outer covers” affixed to the “usual” covers.  They tend to give the impression that they are leather-covered, but I believe that is rarely, if ever, the case.  (Maybe I am wrong, though.  But it is my impression.)

But today I received a patience games set that includes a booklet with a “covered” cover, and I would say that, at least, the outer cover looks like leather.

I don’t know if it is genuine leather.  I doubt it, actually.  I think it is probably imitation.  But as I said, it looks like leather.

I was just glancing through the “Preview” version (on Google Books) of a book called Faux Real:  Genuine Leather and 200 Years of Inspired Fakes, by Robert Kanigel, which has some eye-opening information on imitation leather of a century (and more) ago.

Below are two relevant scans:

Pat 1 16 13 Wed adj

Pat 1 16 13 Wed_0001 adj—Tom Sawyer

January 17, 2013

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