More comments on Goodall booklets with “outer covers” . . .

I don’t really like making mistakes such as that embodied by my theory stated in an earlier post, regarding possible reasons why one Goodall booklet might have rounded corners, and another might have squared corners.  Well, I suppose in as sense it was not any error at all.  It was just a guess as to a reason Goodall may have taken a particular approach.

One thing that does make the theory a little lame on its face (in view of the way I supported the theory) is the fact that in an earlier post I had shown an image of a Kuhn Khan outer-cover, and it had square corners.

I still think there is an explanation for the curved corners other than whim, and I still think that one of the main reasons for the curves was to allow the booklets to be more easily inserted into a sleeve.

I looked through a lot of my card-game booklets (not all of them, though), and I determined that I have at least six booklets with the “outer covers.”  At least them of these have actually been pictured in this blog.  Of the six, two have curved corners and four do not.

The booklets represent something of a hodge-podge.  For example, one is a De La Rue and Goodall booklet from 1931 with square corners — not especially relevant to the discussion, because of the involvement of De La Rue and because of the relatively recent date.

In a future post or posts, I may discuss the six booklets in more detail.

—-Tom Sawyer

Friday, January 18, 2013

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