Now, THIS I find quite interesting: An unusual cover for Professor Hoffmann’s “Bridge,” Thirteenth Edition, 1906 — thanks to Mike Goodall . . .

Mike Goodall was kind enough to send me quite a bit of information on booklets with “outer covers” in his collection.  I want to get into some of that information in this post.

First, I have not seen any deep discussion of the materials that are used on “outer covers” of certain Goodall booklets.  I am using the expression “outer covers” to describe the covering materials that Goodall sometimes used on the outside of the usual “card” cover.  In any specified case, they might (or might not) have leather outer-covers.  In this blog, if the term “leather” is used, it should not be assumed that I know the substance referred to is genuine leather.  I think that most collectors who I have seen describe such covers have used the term “leather,” without attempting to discriminate between real or imitation.

In this post, I want to talk about the booklet described in the title to this post:  a copy of the 19o6 Thirteenth Edition of Bridge, by Professor Hoffmann.  Mike Goodall has a an example in his collection, and he sent me pertinent scans.

The first scan below shows the covers of that unusual booklet.  I cannot remember ever having seen a Goodall card-game booklet with such a title-placement.

Bridge 1913 Mike Goodall cover a

Anyone who owns some of the Goodall booklets with the “outer covers,” or who has seen images thereof, will immediately recognize that this is a very unusual booklet.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Mario Carrandi had sent me images of his Goodall booklets.  Among them were two copies of Bridge (by Professor Hoffmann), and in both cases, the word “Bridge” appears vertically (in smallish script), along the left side of the front cover.  That is very different from the copy shown above.

—Tom Sawyer

January 18, 2013

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