An interesting difference between two copies of the “Thirteenth Edition” of “Bridge,” by Professor Hoffmann . . .

I hope to discuss the Thirteenth Edition of Bridge, by Professor Hoffmann, in more detail in a future post.  For this post, I want to focus on one aspect of the title pages of two different copies.

First, below is an image of a portion of the title page of an example in Mike Goodall’s collection:

bridge booklet (red cover) Mike Goodall cropped 1 19 eo titles

Next, below is an image of a portion of the title page from a copy in my collection.

Bridge 13 1 18 13 cropped eo titles ts

There are other differences between the two booklets that are more important, but I did not want the foregoing distinction to be lost.

I assume that you can see in what principal respect the two differ.

But, just to be plain, I will state it here.  In Mike’s copy, there is no comma after the word “Baccarat.”  (In my copy, there is a comma.)  Also, and probably related to that, there is more space (in Mike’s copy) before the “t” in “Baccarat.”

Just what the significance of this is, I do not know.  Maybe none, other than being something interesting.

Mike’s copy actually bears a title-page date in 1906, while mine shows a 1905 date.  One might have assumed anyway that Mike’s was later, largely because it “looks” a little less satisfactory, and it would be logical that a title page (typically) tends to look worse, not better, as time goes on.

If I had to guess, I might guess that later title pages for that booklet tended to omit the comma.

After writing the foregoing, I just checked an Eighteenth Edition, 1909, and it has the comma, so that guess in the previous sentence is probably wrong.

—Tom Sawyer

January 19, 2013

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