Wow, I just noticed that my most recent post was my 48th post for January — even more than my total for December!

Note:  This post has essentially NOTHING to do with card-game booklets — so feel free to skip it!

Some blogs revel in the number of visitors to their blogs, or the number of views their blogs receive.  That is not too feasible with this blog, since there are such a small number of visitors.

But I can revel in the number of posts, and in the fact that there is not a whole lot of “padding” in the blog.  (However, this post might be padding!)

(And, actually, I can revel a little in the number of visitors, too, because I am pleased that there are as many visitors as there are, and also that several of you have provided me with great information!)

—Tom Sawyer

January 22, 2013

About 124 words.

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