A little test: John Leighton? Or William Taunton?

Below are letters by either John Leighton (Luke Limner) or William Taunton (Walter Pelham).  Just for fun, see if you can figure out who created them.  (No prizes!  No need to send me your answers.)

I expect to reveal the correct answer sometime tomorrow, or, actually, late today, since it is past midnight.

home maker 1 24 13 a

The above may be too difficult, so I’ll probably post more letters before I state the answer.

If you simply can’t wait for the answer, you can check The Home-Maker, Volume 2, April to September, on Google Books.  I’m leaving the year off, as it might be too much of a clue.  Well, even that title might be a clue!

P.S.  The foregoing images are a rather poor rendering of the images on Google Books!  (Not sure why.)

—Tom Sawyer

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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