Announcement regarding a couple of other blogs of mine . . .

PLEASE NOTE:  My Hoffmann blog is now “up” again.  A link to it is found in a more recent post.

—T.A.S. 1-30-13

Tonight I have made two of my other blogs “Private.”  Those blogs are:

The Armchair Bibliographer


A blog about Professor Hoffmann . . .

Lord willing, I will almost certainly bring back the Professor Hoffmann blog sometime this year.  (It had only been up for maybe two weeks, but it felt like six weeks.)  In the past ten days, there were only nine visitors.

The Armchair Bibliographer is another story.  I’ll probably reuse most or all of the information, but I am pretty sick of that blog — it was disorganized and had no real focus, and I have not posted anything new on it in a long time.

It is possible that I will bring that blog back someday, but I have my doubts.  That was my first blog, by the way.  It originally had a different title — I am pretty sure I called it “Victorian-Age Conjuring.”

I believe I started it on (or about) September 7, 2010.  I also made it “Private” for a while, maybe more than once, so I don’t think it was viewable for the entire period it was up.

So, now I have only two blogs that I am “actively” working on — this one, and my Frank Godwin blog (which I have not posted anything new on in about six months).

—Tom Sawyer

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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