Here is the correct answer to the little test question . . .

A question posed recently in this blog — one which I hope a few of you thought about — was basically, “Who designed the alphabet letters that I posted?”

And the answer is:  Walter Pelham, or William Taunton.

If you work backwards from images of cover designs for The Game of “Ace Major” and The Game of Napoleon, you will see a number of similarities.  As mentioned by Mike Goodall in his article on Taunton (discussed in an earlier post), Taunton had a distinctive style of “L” (with the right-hand-serif quite prominent).  He also had a distinctive “G” (more like a spiral).  I hope to discuss this and certain other aspects of a few cover designs in the future.

Below is a full alphabet, which accompanied the Walter Pelham article in The Home Maker in 1889.  The article was “How to Illuminate in Gold and Colors.”  Unfortunately, it appears that only “Part 1” is viewable on Google Books.

home maker 1 24 13 blog adj 1 24 HM

—Tom Sawyer

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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