Comments on a Goodall playing-cards display case belonging to Mike Goodall . . .

Mike Goodall kindly sent me photographs of a Goodall display case in his collection.  The wording is:  “Goodall’s Prize Medal Playing Cards.”  Mike states that the case “is a shop counter card display case.”

Mike states that the case has three drawers, and that it “dates from about 1880.”

As Mike notes, it has the Taunton-esque capital “L.”  (I think this may have been borrowed from Taunton, and that the actual lettering was done by someone else, mainly because of the style of the other letters.  Also, the right-hand serif on the “L” does not seem as exaggerated as the normal Taunton “L.”)

display case 001 cropped2

display case 003 cropped2

In the bottom photograph, the wording is seen toward the top.  I am not sure by what method the lettering was placed onto the case.

Obviously, it is a beautiful item!

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, January 26, 2013

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