Comments on some of the lettering on the front cover of “The Game of Napoleon,” as compared with the lettering on the cover of the Zetema booklet . . .

In this post, I’ll compare some of the lettering on he front cover of Captain Crawley’s The Game of Napoleon (published by Goodall) to the lettering on the front cover of the Zetema booklet (discussed in an earlier post).

Below is an image of a section of the cover of The Game of Napoleon (from Edward Copisarow’s collection).  The booklet is discussed more fully in an earlier post:

napoleon 1 26 13 taunton 1b cropped


Here is a black-and-white image based on the foregoing:


napoleon-1-26-13-taunton-1b-cropped black

I have adjusted both of the above images to perhaps make the lettering more clear.  I’ll post the Zetema cover again, further below, to make comparison easier.

1.  The “G” in “GAME” (above) is similar to the “G” in “GAME” below.  (It is even more similar to the “G” in “GAME” on the Ace Major cover.)

2.  The “E” in “GAME” (above) is similar to many of the examples of “E” on the Zetema cover.

3.  The “F” in “OF” (above), with the large descending serif is similar to examples on the Zetema cover, for instance in the word “FOR.”



Zetema cover 1 25 2013 mg

By the way, the “N” in “CAPTAIN” (on the Napoleon cover) is similar to the “N” in the sample letters by Walter Pelham (William Taunton) in an earlier post (from The Home-Maker, 1889), repeated below.  The alphabet below also has an “F” with an enormous serif protruding downward from the upper-left.

home maker 1 24 13 blog adj 1 24 HM

—Tom Sawyer

January 26, 2013

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