Ever wonder what William Taunton (Walter Pelham) looked like? Or John Leighton (Luke Limner)?

Here is a link to an article that includes an image of John Leighton (Luke Limner):

A link to the article.

The portrait is about eight pages from the end of the article.

Below is a portrait of Walter Pelham (William Taunton) from an article that appeared in  the The Lyceumite and Talent, June 1911 (from the Hathi Trust Digital Library, from a Google scan of material at the University of Michigan).  The portrait is in the left column.


I find it interesting that (to my eye) the portrait of Taunton (Pelham) seems far more dignified than the portrait of Leighton (Limner).  The Port Chester Journal (a New York publication), April 19, 1894, says, of Walter Pelham, “you have never had a chance to laugh at a funnier man.”

—Tom Sawyer

January 27, 2013

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