Further comments based on Mike Goodall’s article on William Taunton . . .

In earlier posts, for example the one linked-to here, I discussed Mike Goodall’s article on William Taunton (Walter Pelham), which appeared in The Playing-Card in 2006.  That article, with its accompanying illustrations, was quite an eye-opener to me regarding Taunton, and thanks to Mike I have been able to present images from the article.

One of the interesting illustrations that accompanied the article was what appears to be the front cover of a work entitled The Twentieth Century Almanac A Melange of Sense and Nonsense:

zETEMA 4 001 Pelham Almanac mg

Now, the above item is loaded with characteristic (and non-characteristic) lettering by Taunton, or perhaps I should say Walter Pelham, because that is the name featured on the item.

I was quite interested in the following, which is a detail of the lower right-hand corner of the art:

wp akmanac mg 1 25 13 blue and red 2

I have circled two sections toward the lower-right section.  The blue circle indicates what appears to be a “W” with a “P” standing on it.  (It may not be the only such thing on the cover, but it is probably the clearest.)

And then, circled in red is apparently a “P” with an upward-reading “W” affixed to the left-hand side — a “WP” monogram.

—Tom Sawyer

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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