Comments on Professor Hoffmann’s “Patience With the Joker,” as published by Goodall, 1907 . . .

Professor Hoffmann’s Patience With the Joker was published on July 1, 1907 (or thereabouts), or at least that date is found on the title age.  As I discussed in an earlier post, it seems as though Hoffmann’s Patience With the Joker, and events surrounding it, brought about Goodall’s first use of the red joker.

I am pretty unknowledgeable about the history of Jokers, and I do not know whether Goodall was the first company to issue patience-games sets with a red joker and a black joker, including one pack with the red and one with the black.

At 48 pages, Patience With the Joker is one of Hoffmann’s longer card-game booklets.

Below are a few relevant images.

Pat Joker 1 28 13 cropped

Pat Joker 1 28 13_0001

Pat Joker 1 28 13_0002

—Tom Sawyer

Monday, January 28, 2013

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