A few more comments about “Schnapps and Other Original Round Games,” by Professor Hoffmann, published by Goodall, 1912 — also some comments of Professor Hoffmann’s “Auction Bridge,” 1912 . . .

In an earlier post, I posted an image of the front cover of Schnapps and Other Original Round Games.  Below is an image of the title page (and inside front cover).

The booklet is 80 pages long, which by any standards is a whale of a card-game booklet.  Well, it is not necessarily as “thick” as one might expect, because it is not printed on the thickest paper.

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The booklet was one of Hoffmann’s final two card-game booklets, the other being Auction Bridge.  Both were published in 1912.

The inside front-cover of the booklet pictured above lists, among other things, Auction Bridge.  On the other hand, both of my copies of Auction Bridge (which are not the same) advertise Original Round Games.  (That was the cover title of the Schnapps booklet.)  So, I do not know which was published first (if either).  The text of Auction Bridge ends on page 70, so it is another long one.

As I indicated, there are at least two different versions of Auction Bridge dated 1912 — they at least differ as to the titles listed in the advertisement on the inside front cover.  Both are dated 1912.

Whether there were other printings of either or both of the titles discussed above, I do not know.

I have mentioned this before, even in this post, but the cover title of the Schnapps booklet is Original Round Games.  There is no reason to think that there is a separate work by Hoffmann called Original Round Games.  This is contrary to what is said in Ray Ricard’s checklist of small-format magic books.  If I am wrong on that, I will, of course, eat my hat.  (Not really.)

—Tom Sawyer

January 30, 2013

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