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Well, it has been a long time since my most recent post on this or any other blog.

I do hope to get back to posting with reasonable frequency, but it does tend to take a lot of time, as I am fond of saying.

I have largely continued to not buy much on eBay — when I have felt that I needed to bid, I have generally done so.  The following is the start of a list of my most recent eBay acquisitions (this will be continued in a future post, I hope):

April 17, 2013

The Modern Hoyle, by Professor Hoffmann.  This copy was an 1887 first edition.  Normally, there are significant “cover” problems with Hoffmann’s The Modern Hoyle.  There are presently two copies of Hoffmann’s The Modern Hoyle on eBay which illustrate this.  One is completely lacking the covers.  The other lacks the spine.  It also appears that neither are first editions.  I have a non-first which lacks the spine.  Another non-first I previously owned (J.B. Findlay’s copy) also (as I recall) lacked the spine.  All of the copies mentioned above (with the possible exception of the one completely lacking the covers) were bound in paper-covered boards.

The copy I recently purchased on eBay is a first edition, 1887, bound in paper-covered boards, and the spine is almost completely intact.  I’ll probably discuss it further in a future post.

For a few years or so, I have been fortunate in owning a cloth-bound first edition of the book, the only cloth-bound copy I have ever seen.  I purchased it from Ian Keable, a very scholarly magician, who has done a lot of work on the subject of Charles Dickens and magic.

Well, as I said, I hope to continue the listing in a future post.

—Tom Sawyer

June 14, 2013

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