Further miscellaneous comments . . .

In the preceding post, I mentioned an 1887 The Modern Hoyle, edited by Professor Hoffmann, which I recently acquired.  The first Hoffmann edition was dated 1887.  As I discussed in an earlier post, the basic work first appeared a long time before Professor Hoffmann’s involvement.  Hoffmann added some material, revised some material, and left some material untouched, according to his introduction.  Here is part of what I said in an earlier post:  “From the introduction, it appears that Hoffmann kept five sections, re-wrote two sections, and contributed three new sections.  (The work underwent at least one further revision – perhaps more.”

Now I will continue my highly educational listing of my “collecting” purchases via eBay.


Notice that the preceding purchase was 4/17/30, so more than a month went by between purchases.

Every Boy’s Annual, 1868.  This copy is in the publisher’s binding.  It would have been published in late 1867, because the annual for such and such a year was normally (probably always) published late in the preceding year.

The binding on this copy is rather shabby, and the interior is a bit of a mess.  However, it is certainly better than nothing.  It contains nice color plates, and a large number of articles and stories.

(To be continued.)

—Tom Sawyer

June 14, 2013

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