The small compass of a collection . . .

I recently looked up the word “compass,” to make certain that I was not stretching its meaning in my title.  There were quite a few definitions, and some of them I was not familiar with.  Oh, well.

But the point of my title is that my card-game booklet collection does not take up much space.  But then, why would it?  In a small, typical storage box, one would be able to fit a few thousand ordinary card-game booklets with space left over.

I plan to move from my present abode to another dwelling in less than a month.  In preparation for this, I have packed up most of my rule-booklet collection — basically, all of it that I could find — with just a few exceptions, a few booklets here, perhaps a deck of cards there.  (I don’t really consider cards to be a part of my card-game booklet collection, except the degree that they are part of a set that included a booklet.)

Everything fits pretty comfortably within a single storage box.  That includes not only all (or almost all) of my booklets, but also my Marlborough set, a Patience set, maybe a half-dozen Bezique sets, and some other sets.

Now that I think about it, it does not include my two Draw-Bridge sets (I think one of them is without booklet and cards), and maybe one or two other sets — but if I packed the box more effectively, they would probably all fit.

—Tom Sawyer

June 15, 2013


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