Condition . . .

It’s really too late at night for me to write a post on this topic tonight, but perhaps this post will inspire me to write more on it tomorrow.

My thesis here is that condition is very important — far more important than I am afraid some collectors may believe.  I think in some cases collectors don’t realize how gratifying it can be to see or own something in really great condition.

I will not be limiting my discussion to card-game booklets, either.  The market for those is kind of thin (demand-wise and supply-wise), anyway, and frequently one is confronted with Hobson’s choice:  you buy a defective copy, or you go without.

From my own perspective, also, from what I have seen, these concepts do not apply so much to books that are, say, pre-1850 or so, and as you go further and further back, to say the 1500s, quite a lot of allowance has to be made.  (Now, I am not even sure that I have any books earlier than the 1860s, so I am not really versed in earlier books.)

Anyway, I hope to get into this topic in some depth.

—Tom Sawyer

June 17, 2013

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