I have completed my move (sort of) . . . and a few comments about UCLA . . .

My move is pretty much over now, for better or for worse.

The guy from Time Warner cable just left here after setting up for me a new internet connection.

I believe that Cox Communications will leave my old email address available for 65 days or so after July 11.  For those of you with whom I have been corresponding — I expect to send you my new email address within the next few days.

My move has cause me to see a lot of stuff that had been in the “out of sight, out of mind” category, sometimes with very happy results.  That brings me to the following.

Not too long ago (in June), I mentioned to Jon Bright (a magic collector) the following (in an email):

I guess it was when I was a student at UCLA, kind of poking around their research library, I ran across an inscribed (by the author) copy of Robert-Houdin’s card-sharping work (in French, of course).  Well, it was one of his books — I am almost positive it was the one on card-sharping.  I took a photo of the inscription.  I think it was just there in the stacks.  In those days, I think one needed a stacks pass to go directly to the books — I had one, I think because of my GPA.

They also had an English translation of the memoirs, with Charles Bertram’s signature.

In a later email, I said:

Back on UCLA, I also remember that I saw at least one book from the McManus-Young collection. At least, I think so. I guess the Library of Congress got rid of some duplicates. I think it was a Findlay book, maybe inscribed to a guy named Sam Dreilinger (who I think was sort of a buddy of Findlay’s).

I doubt whether anyone at the library knew about either of the R-H books I mentioned. The one inscribed by R-H had, as I recall, the “perforation stamp” (I guess you could call it that) — of UCLA — quite possibly right on the title page — I hope so, as it probably reduces the chance of theft of that book from about 100% to about 10%. Nonetheless, that book should be in the UCLA Department of Special Collections.

However, I think they have so much stuff that is really desirable, that they could not feasibly include it all in Special Collections.

They also had tons of the old Sphinx magazine. Also, they had I think Great Magicians’ Tricks (it was definitely one of Will Goldston’s huge books). They actually had quite a bit of magic stuff right there on the shelves.

They had I believe a huge rebinding program, and I think it was a little indiscriminate — the main criterion probably being “is the binding worn out?”  I hope they have toned it down. The cover was falling off the Charles Bertram item — and I think maybe they rebound it [later] — though I am a little hazy on that. This is just my impression of the binding practices — I could be wrong — I never heard anyone comment on it.

Well, the photographs turned up!  I may run them in the near future.

—Tom Sawyer

July 22, 2013

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