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The following is based on a rather superficial look at the auctions being discussed — and might possibly be somewhat wrong.

I find it interesting that, at this moment, there are for sale four copies of the first edition of The Illustrated Book of Patience Games, 1892, by Professor Hoffmann (published by Routledge).

Granted, one of them is an ex-library copy, which in my view renders it uncollectable.

On the other hand, one is a variant in fairly plain red cloth, which is somewhat scarce.

The Illustrated Book of Patience Games went through a large number of printings.  In that respect, it is somewhat similar to Hoffmann’s Modern Magic.  But it is highly unlikely that you will ever see four first editions of Modern Magic for sale on eBay at one time.  And the prices would quite likely be at least several times that of the highest current eBay price on the patience games books.

—Tom Sawyer

August 7, 2013

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