“Khanhoo” set on eBay — auction ended a few days ago . . .

The Game of Khanhoo, a Goodall booklet written by W.H. Wilkinson, is not of great scarcity.  I would guess that I have seen maybe six sets on eBay during the past five years, and I think another two or three separate booklets in addition.  Recently there was an “okay” set on eBay — not really in the greatest condition, but, hey, it’s not super common.  FYI:  Even though I don’t have a set, or even a copy of the booklet, I did not bid in the auction.  For some reason I’m not really eager to obtain a copy.  One is available at Games et al right now, I believe.

But the reason I am mentioning the set has nothing to do with its level of desirability.  The reason I am mentioning it is that I think it can now be considered “proven” that the booklet was issued both with cover, and without cover.  I am sure that the copy in this auction is at least the third copy I have seen without covers.  Yes, I know that Goodall booklets occasionally appear without covers, but c’mon, three or four copies without covers, out of a total of maybe eight copies I have seen altogether?  Rather unlikely — unless that was the way they were issued.

I am not sure why this would be.  And I don’t know that it is true of any other Goodall booklet.

I touched on this topic (Khanhoo booklets without covers) in an earlier post.

Here is a link to the auction:  Khanhoo auction.

–Tom Sawyer

August 22, 2013

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