Brief comments on Mike Goodall’s “British Playing Card Wrappers 1600-1950”

Recently, Mike Goodall very generously sent me a copy of his 2008 book British Playing Card Wrappers 1600-1950, as a gift, and I wanted to say a few words about it.  Going into it, I knew very little about the subject.  I had probably seen a few wrappers offered for sale, and of course I have seen packs of varying vintage, still in their wrappers, offered for sale.

I would think that most collectors of old playing cards — or of card-game booklets — have at least a few packs in the original wrappers.  I’m sure that I do, although I am not sure that any fall within the period covered by Mike’s book, although I think a few probably do.

Mike’s book lays stress on the ephemeral nature of many of the older wrappers (and many newer ones, too).  The fact that relatively few old ones survive is one of the reasons that make them an enticing (but difficult) subject for a collection.

For a collector of Goodall material, the book is an eye-opener as to the wide range of wrappers that Goodall used through the years!

Mike, thank you!


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