Mike Goodall checks in . . .

Mike Goodall reports that he recently acquired two Charles Goodall & Son items that he was previously unaware of.

One is a leather-covered Whist box, including two packs of Patience cards, and two Tom Thumb markers.  Also included was an 1895 Whist for All Players.

That sounds like a great set, and I would think quite scarce.

He also acquired a small-size boxed set for Bridge, Draw-Bridge, and Royal Auction Draw-Bridge.  The item acquired by Mike has a red-leather cover, and like the Whist set, it includes two packs of Patience cards.  It also includes score-sheet blocks, and of course wooden card-holders for Draw-Bridge (and Royal Auction Draw-Bridge).  It also includes two rule booklets.

Mike, congratulations on those finds!

I suppose that one of the reasons I have been absent from this blog is that I have been spending a lot of time on one of my other blogs!

—Tom Sawyer

October 26, 2013

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