An “unformatted” list of posts (on this blog) that have had more than 50 views — since the beginning of this blog . . .

I have not formated the following list.  I know that would make it more readable (for instance, if I were to place spaces between the listings).  But I don’t want to spend the time right now, and also I don’t want to stress-out over this.

I am hard-pressed to find any meaningful patterns below (at least, based on a quick review of the list).  The first-place and third-place have to do with Erdnase — those are quite old posts, and I don’t even know if I left them up.  (I can easily check, of course.)  Most of the people who looked at those posts probably have not been back much, if at all.

The next “obvious” thing is that two of the posts on Bezique are ranked pretty high.  That MAY be because of research by people wanting to sell Bezique sets on eBay.

The number after each title represents the number of views.

—Tom Sawyer

November 18, 2013

Comments on the S.W. Erdnase authorship controversy, and a portrait of R.F. Foster 235
More on “The Royal Game of Bezique,” by Camden, published by Goodall 204
Comments on S.W. Erdnase, and on “Genii,” September 2011: Part 1, David Alexander 165
Comments on card-game rule-booklets and pseudonyms, and on materials used by Goodall in the manufacture of card-game sets, and on “Kuhn Khan,” by Nemo, 1912 126
Comments on “The Royal Game of Bezique,” circa 1869 — my earliest Goodall card-game rule-booklet — and comments on a cool and instructive Bezique set 125
Comments on an inscribed copy of Professor Hoffmann’s “Patience Games,” 1900, and on other books inscribed by Professor Hoffmann 119
A Goodall bypath: Cavendish in 32mo — details quoted directly from Jessel, with some illustrations 115
What some of the 1860s playing cards looked like, and a little on Professor Hoffmann 109
Charles Goodall & Son, and card-game rule-booklets as a genre 106
Comments on some of the lettering on the front cover of “The Game of Napoleon,” as compared with the lettering on the cover of the Zetema booklet . . . 98
Comments on Professor Hoffmann’s “Progressive Whist, Hearts, & Euchre,” [1902], and on later editions 81
Comments on playing-cards sets in general, and on a Goodall Bridge set, circa 1911, in particular 77
A listing of first editions of Professor Hoffmann’s rule-booklets, according to Frederic Jessel and the Bodleian Library 72
A brief overview of Professor Hoffmann’s writings on card games (apart from his card-game rule-booklets) 71
Comments on one of Professor Hoffmann’s first three rule-booklets, “Ecarte,” 1895 62
Auction ended on eBay for “Patience Games,” 1900, by Professor Hoffmann . . . 60
A few comments on other companies 60
Comments on “Rubicon Bezique,” by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919), Seventh Edition, circa 1909 60
Comments on translations, into German and Swedish, of card-game rule-booklets originally written by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919) 59
Goodall’s Draw-Bridge on eBay . . . 59
Further comments on Professor Hoffmann’s “Progressive Whist, Hearts, & Euchre,” [1902], and related works 52
Comments on an 1895 edition of Professor Hoffmann’s “Bridge Whist” 52
Semi-random notes and observations on George Frederick Pardon (Captain Crawley) . . . 51

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