Some details on “views” of this blog, according to country . . .

I’ll state the “top five” countries for various time periods (from stats provided to me by WordPress).  These figures are not super-useful, in part because it is possible that they bear little relationship to the number of different viewers.  Still, I think they bear a close correlation between the interest levels of people in one country as compared to those in another.

The long-term figures are probably the most meaningful, since anything can happen with these statistics over a short run.  If I had only these figures to base a conclusion upon, I would say that on some basis (not necessarily the number of people there interested in card-game booklets) the most interest resides in the UK.  In fact, the stats seem to say that there is FAR more interest in the UK than in the second-ranked country in the stats below, which would be the US.

I actually am inclined to believe that the number of people one could classify as “interested” may actually be greater in the US (certainly NOT on a per capita basis, though, because the US population is so large).  Why do I think this?  Well, there are MANY magic collectors in the US, and many of them probably think they are interested in the booklets, because of Professor Hoffmann’s connection with the booklets.

I suspect that a number of collectors in the US (maybe three to six collectors) have built up their collections to the degree that (1) their interest levels have dropped, or (2) they feel they have enough, considering that many of the booklets are rather difficult to find, or (3) they feel they have enough and don’t care whether or not the booklets they don’t have are hard to find.  If I am right, whatever the reason may be, they have some (generally not the “impossible” ones), and they are not interested in going out of their way to acquire more.

Oh, by the way, the previous paragraph deals only with card-game booklets buy Professor Hoffmann.  I would guess that few if any magic collectors have any interest in the non-Hoffmann booklets published by Goodall.

As a matter of fact, the only people I know of in the US who have more than a passing interest in non-Hoffmann Goodall booklets are two in number:  David Levy  and I.  If I am overlooking someone, I apologize — sometimes I can “blank” on obvious things.

It’s strange to think that if the US and England each had (say) 10 more serious collectors of Goodall booklets, anything other than (say) Selected Patience Games and Camden’s The Royal Game of Bezique.

However, as far as day-to-day interest goes, and as far as wanting to learn more about Goodall or the Goodall booklets on a regular basis, I am afraid that the US collectors would score quite low (as a group — of course, there are individual exceptions).

                                    Since February 25, 2012

UK 2,793 views

US 1,395

Australia 204

Canada 131

Philippines (tie) 125

France (tie) 125


UK 541

US 118

Netherlands 61

Philippines 57

Sweden 49

                                   30 days

UK 152

Netherlands 51

US 31

Philippines 18

Sweden 14

                                    7 days

UK 56

Ireland 11

Sweden 8

US 7

Philippines (tie) 2

Canada (tie) 2

France (tie) 2

—Tom Sawyer

November 18, 2013

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